How to make a workflow execute a voice command?

Hi all,
I’m trying to make Catalina’s Voice Control a bit more user friendly by adding extra voice commands.

Sadly, it is not possible out-of-the-box to make a voice command that executes another voice command. And there’s an action I want to automate that I only know how to call with a voice command (’'show numbers").

I’m now looking either for a way to create an applescript that will tell the voice control to recognise “show numbers”/execute that voice command, or find a system command that would display the numbers without using voice control (or speechrecognitionserver) to trigger it.

In Dragon speech recognition for Windows, it is easy to create a speech command with a scripting command called “heardword”, but I cannot find an equivalent for Apple Voice Control.

Any pointers would be much appreciated by me and Mac users who would benefit from a persistent showing of numbers.

I hope I’ve explained clearly what I am looking for. If not, I can try and explain better. Thanks.

A hack might be to record your voice triggering “show numbers”, then using Applescript to play that when needed. Just a thought.

Yes, thank you for sharing that idea. I though about that as well, but it’s not really a workable solution.

I’m looking to have the command triggered automatically every time a number has been said, so that not for every action you first need to say “show numbers”. If the command is read out loud every time, it would drive a person crazy.

Also the playback volume would need to be loud enough. Even if technically feasible, it wouldn’t make for an acceptable user experience.

Annoyingly the command ‘show numbers continuously’ is available in VC on the iPad, but not on the Mac. I want to recreate that same command for the Mac.

May be it is just me but my wife seems to have figured that one out! :laughing: