How to quickly move Dock to selected monitor?

I have an external Z27 connected (USB C) to my MacBook Pro. Getting the Dock to move to the selected device (Z27 or MBP) is not usually successful. The dock is on the bottom. I click the menu bar for the device I want to use, and move the pointer to the bottom of the screen. AFAIK, Dock should pop up on that device. Doesn’t usually happen that way.

Is there an app and/or a shortcut to better manage Dock switching between devices?

(MBP is on 10.15.4)

This works for me. I just pull down with the mouse, and the Dock appears.
Here are a few of my settings that might be relevant:

  • Mission Control | Displays have separate Spaces
  • My monitors are side-by-side (not over and under)
  • Mirror Displays is off
  • Dock | Automatically hide and show the Dock

Can’t think of anything else that would be relevant.


That’s the one I was missing – does the trick.

Also, the dock needs to be on the bottom, since macOS treats the two devices as one big display area.

Thank you John

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