How to read mini DVDs on MacBook Pro

Hello all. I have a bunch of home movies stored on the 3-inch/8-mm DVDs that I’d like to import and store in the cloud. With 4.5"/12 mm normal sized DVDs, the SuperDrive works perfectly (with a USB → USB C adapter), however the tiny disks won’t easily fit into the slot loading SuperDrive. I bought a cheap tray loader off of Amazon and Catalina won’t recognize it. Has anyone had this problem and solved it? Thanks~

You could try creating a bootable Linux system on a thumb drive, and see if it will recognize your tray loader.

You could also try a virtual machine using VirtualBox, VMware, etc.

I recall putting a mini disk into a slot loader a long while back and it was a PITA to get out.

Do you know anyone with a (please excuse me) Windows PC? Microsoft is so dedicated to being backwards compatible there should be a good chance your cheap tray loader would work on it.

You’re lucky no disc/tray got stuck in your slot-loading SuperDrive, as this was not uncommon back when people used mini-CDs for things. (I used to be given them as business cards cum résumés - never loaded one up, ever.)

Thanks for the advice. I don’t have access to a Windows PC. The ones we use at work are thin clients that we can’t really hook things up to.

I can still return this tray loader (which I’m doing today). I was hoping there’s one that runs well on the Mac. OWC looks promising but can’t really see if the tray loader has a central clip or mini DVD indent.

your best bet is to find one of the special ring adapters to let an 8cm disk work nicely in a 12cm tray.
(kind of the opposite of a 45rpm adapter)