How to stay Focused in an Open Office Environment

It’s not sexist to mention that they were all women. That’s part of the problem we have these days. And it doesn’t make you a bad person to believe that facts don’t care about feelings. They were all women.

And it wasn’t part of my original point, but now that it’s dragged up, we know that if it were a group of all guys there’d be just as much loud banter going on. We are different in the ways we socialise and act in groups, and groups of all one gender are also different than mixed groups. Again, not sexist to say any of this.

It’s more respectful to respect differences and facts.

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I sure am! Making a joke of that hashtag isn’t the same as making a joke or poking fun at anyone who is a victim of an actual crime / horrific incident. There’s a hashtag #HeToo which is slammed by feminists all the time. Hashtags have very little to do with helping people suffering.

And labelling any sort of mention that isn’t all serious about it doesn’t do anyone any favours either.


I fully agree, it’s well known how “the girls” or equally, “the guys” act together. They can sort of be ‘themselves’ a bit more and talk about ‘girl things’ or ‘guy things’. Before anyone constructs a lengthy paragraph telling me I should be banned, consider why there have historically been a lot of women’s magazines and men’s magazines. Both cater to the interests that are more likely to appeal to each.

That doesn’t mean there can’t be any cross over and doesn’t imply one can’t do the other. Nor does it imply one must stick to set interests. It just means if you took 100 random men and 100 random women, more than not would prefer the magazine “targeted” at them. The sales figures would support this as well as the studies.

Y’all offended should watch a Jordan Peterson lecture or two

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