How to swap out a failing Philips Hue bulb

You’d think this would be something other people would have had to do, but darned if I can find instructions online. I have a Philips Hue bulb failing in my office. I want to swap it out with a new one, but I don’t want to have to rebuild all of my routines and scenes. I just want to swap it “in place” with the same name. Anyone done this before?

in the Hue app look for settings -> lamp configuration -> add lamp -> it will then search for the lamp.
Add the new lamp and name it.

going back to rooms and zones select the room you want the lamp in and add the lamp you just added.

this should do it.

(might be named differently, am translating on the fly)

Thanks, but that’s not actually what I’m trying to do. I have a light fixture in my office I’ve named Office sconce right. The bulb in the fixture is failing. I want to swap in a new bulb that inherits the name, but also all of its connections to the routines and schedules that Office sconce right is part of. (Of course, to Hue it’s the bulb that’s named Office sconce right, not the fixture itself).

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That should also work in the same way. Just name it anyway you want and re-add it to all the automations.

That was kind of my point. I was hoping to avoid having to re-add it to all the automations manually if anyone knew how.

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I wonder if Controller for HomeKit would allow you to do this?

You can execute scenes, read or write device values, pause execution, create time-based automations and define a output