How to use the Focus Feature in iOS 15

This is one of the better videos on the Focus mode.


Apple Explained talked about the feature too. :slight_smile:

Regardless, I love Zollotech’s videos. They’re clear to the point and very concise.

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downloading iOs15 now just for this feature. been looking for this capability. thanks for posting video.


Focus looks pretty cool, especially since it will silence notifications when you start a workout. I hate having a banner pop up over the app for my rowing machine.

it will silence notifications when you start a workout

Didn’t we already have that in iOS 14?

Do anybody know how to stop receiving notifications silently on Apple Watch during DND mode? Before iOS 15 if you are in DND you will not get any notification on your Watch, even silently (that was wise!). You just can’t see it there, only on iPhone. And now, looks like it is impossible to stop receiving notifications completely on Watch while you are in DND. Do you know solution to it except Airplane mode and scheduled notifications (because I want to receive messages immediately when I am not in DND)? ) For me they just made it worser then before. But if it is possible then Focus is for sure far better customisation.

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What are some ways people are using focus mode? I kinda don’t get it really.

There is an existing thread about this here.