How to zoom document in DEVONthink Pro?

I’m a light user of DEVONthink Pro and really like it, except for lack of document zoom.

I have Word and PDF documents that I store in DTP, which is very convenient. But I can’t seem to zoom in to them, to fill the width of the document window. I can’t find a zoom function for this.

Changing the font sizes in Preferences only affects the sidebars and list above the document, not the document itself. I didn’t see a Zoom preference or Zoom action in the menu bar for documents. Under View, there is “Zoom in” but it is greyed out for documents.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


As mentioned above, you can use the trackpad to pinch zoom, or the keyboard shortcuts.

A small caution - the pinch action sometimes stops working, but this appears to be a system-wide bug with the OS viewer. A restart fixes things for me. Only happens once or twice a year, but it does happen. So if things aren’t behaving as they should - restart, and check then.

This is one of the reasons I decided not to use DT on my latest serious trial last year. I did get some answers on how to do it, but it’s also clear that the UI is not really a priority.