How will you journal in 2023?

I usually mean the latter two, based on how you do it. Personally, I seperate meeting notes from a bullet journal and journaling/dairying about what happened and how I feel - the former is more of a captain’s log and decision log.

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I use GoodNotes for taking notes in meetings that I then convert and send to Obsidian but when I journal I tend to scribble more, write faster and use far more abbreviations than when I am taking notes. So it doesn’t work for me to hand write in Goodnotes then convert even though I have a shortcut to do it and can get the notes into Obsidian easily.

All of the above. My daily notes are part logbook, part diary and often link into the scraps and bits that would be the equivalent of a commonplace book, except I call mine my adversaria.


I use a basic paper journal from Amazon that cost like $15 for a 6 pack for my daily diary-type entries plus a Baron Fig annual planner for daily summaries that are easier to look back on. I like the feel of writing and a break from constant screen time.

I finally have been on a Day One streak. I like adding photos that help me write.

Thank you for mentioning Everlog, I’m enjoying it and will likely purchase after the free trial period is over.

I started to do some audio journaling this last year. I bought a little $20 digital voice recorder which forced me to put down my phone and just spend some time talking.

I do captain log a lot of stuff in my Evernote notes (whatever notetaking I’m using, lol). But I found it talking through stuff out loud and out of my brain helps to clarify a lot of things and give me a new perspective.

I think this is helped because I have found that speaking the words brings clarity and differentiation to my thought from just thinking them. I have been learning and exploring the idea that I don’t think necessarily in words, or hear a voice in my head, I mostly think in images and sounds and just seeing words.

Like when I read, I see the words and absorb them. I don’t “hear them” or even necessarily “read” them. Hearing the words spoken out loud, even my own thoughts forced my brain to think differently, akin to the difference between writing them and typing them.

The digital recorder (or voice memos) helps me not to have to worry about getting the structure right or ordering them. It’s just a stream of rambling.


Written with no irony at all! :slight_smile:


A perpetual struggle :joy:

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My first journal entry is from 1983. Used paper note books until 1989 and transitioned to Microsoft Word. (This was when Word was sold as a stand alone app long before Word.)

In the mid-2000s I started trying different apps and methods to change things up.

One lesson I wish I had learned 20 years ago: leave a rabbit trail for future self. I know I’m missing journal entries because I switched to a different medium for a time. Now, I make a note in Evernote as I shift apps because I’m board. It helps me remember that in 2016 I experimented with journaling for several months using a voice recorder and Dragon software that was transcribed and ended up in Logos Bible Software. I don’t remember why I thought this was a great idea at the time, but at least I can find my notes.


I doubt the data is encrypted at rest, but I hope someone who has researched it can prove me wrong.

I’ve been using and still use Day One for journaling. For 2023 , I plan on trying the diary plugin for Joplin to see it is a viable option for Journaling. My main concern is being able to view journal entries in chronological order while sorting all of my other notes in alphabetical order.

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I second OneNote! I’ve used most of the other options, but keep coming back to OneNote because I just find it easy to use.

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Moleskine Notebook with Caran D’ache pen.

I just saw a Leuchtturm1917 a5 vertical weekly planner at Barnes and Noble today. if I hadn’t committed to Jibun Techo Biz mini B6 slim, it would’ve been awfully tempting to go this other route.

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Vertical weekly planners are the best. I loved my Quo Vadis Trinotes …

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I have DayOne and rarely use it. I do journal in written form. Does anyone know if I quit paying for DayOne, can I keep the entries I did put in?

You definitely can export them first to pdf…

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I use DayOne. A few years back, I ran a small tech blog and they gave me a license to use when I reviewed their app on my site. While upgraded account types have come along since then, whatever they gave me at the time works fine. I can store up to 10 images, and journal – that’s all I want.

I use it as a thought dump and to track things I want to remember with accompanying images. Birthdays, vacations, snow storms, gatherings with friends, and even some bad times. Whatever I’m feeling I write about it to get the thoughts from inside my head to the page. It feels like I’m unloading a weight each time I journal.

I love that it’s electronic and I really enjoy the iOS widget on my phone so I can see what happened on this day x years ago. My first entry was March 2014, so I have quite a bit built up.

As I scroll through it now quickly there is the birth of my daughter, kids play dates, 5K races, home Renos, Halloween, golfing w friends and family, new guitar day, vacations, a couple broken limbs (one by each kid), lost teeth, the death of a friend, new car day – the list just goes on and on. When you’re writing the actual entry you think “this is useless stuff here, why am I capturing it?”, but then when you look back on a day from a few years ago you realize; without the journal entry, that day would have slipped from your mind altogether. Not only are you reminded of that day, but you can see your thoughts from that day, and what you were thinking/feeling.

I find it to be priceless information the more it ages.


It should be fine. Day One will allow you to use it for one journal, on one device with without sync when you don’t have a membership. If you’re using it on more than one device now I’d remove it from all but where you now want it to live before canceling. Also, be sure to export your entries as a backup first.

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