How would I automate this?

Lawyer here. Three programs I use are Outlook (email), ToDoist (task management), and Obsidian (Notes and research).

I would like a way to automate the creation of a new folder/project for new clients. When I get a new client now, I manually add a folder in Outlook (under main Clients folder), add a project in ToDoist (under main Clients project), and add a folder in Obsidian (again, under main Clients folder).

Is there any way to automate all or some of this?

Are you running an App like Keyboard Maestro?
If yes, you could maybe create a macro, where you first ask for the clients name with a dialog, and then run a couple of operations (easiest with Shortcuts, I think?) within that macro, to edit the folders with the name from the dialog.

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With help from someone on this list, I think sylumer (?), I made an Automator which creates a new folder, with whatever my name for the new matter is, in my current matters folder and a new project in Omnifocus in my “barrister” current work folder.

You may be able to adapt for Todoist, I would expect.

So far I have not found a way to extend this to Outlook (or in my case, Microsoft 365). Microsoft has its own automation called Flow. I have looked at it only cursorily and couldn’t understand it.

This is a link to a copy of the automator.

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