How Would You Improve the Sonos App?

I usually use the app on my phone and iPad, but when I am in the office, I use the desktop app. I just expected more. I’d almost rather interface with Pandora or Amazon Music and listen through my laptop speakers. Has anyone found a way to improve the UI experience? DoI just need a class in how to use the app? It takes so many clicks to get where I am going, and I’m not sure the purpose of the queue when I am selecting a playlist of a station.

Just me?

People ask me all the time how to use the Sonos app and are utterly disappointed by it.

Oh no, not just you. It’s a terrible app.

I always rue the moment I redirect an audio source other than TV to my TV sound bar. I never remember how to get back to TV audio going to TV soundbar! :smile:

Yeah they dropped their legacy devices. Explain that to people who have installed 16 amps in their home with speakers build into their walls and ceilings :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  • I don’t like that is doesn’t appear in my Now Playing window on my phone.
  • The search is terrible, especially for Mixcloud
  • I can’t play audio from my phone through the app (e.g. the Pacemaker app) via AirPlay

(note I have 3x Play:1)

I don’t understand why someone should replace 16 amplifiers.

The most annoying thing to me is that I can’t control Sonos playback from the iPhone lock screen. Skip, pause, adjust volume would be nice to have close at hand.

That said, it isn’t the best interface by far, but quite okay IMHO. The ability to stream music all over the place with exact timing just blows my mind :smiley:

I have 4 Sonos speakers that are not Airplay 2 and persist with them for the reasons mentioned above regarding the music not being reliant on the device connectivity. This is helpful when in the garden etc.

I will also give a +1 for how customisable alarms and other features are.

I do find the speed of the app frustrating and find loading times between sections a bit painful.

Music services are a little crowbarred into the Sonos look and feel. This makes it a little tricky I find for family members who are not as technical and used to native Spotify/Apple Music apps and functionality.

I’ve been torn for months on whether to get rid of these and replace with newer Airplay 2 compatible ones or just track down some cheap home pods.