How you name your tags?

Silly question, but how much you spent your time to create catchy tags for your notes, files etc? Also, I found that I have some tags in plural form and some in singular form. How you decide if a tag should be e.g. “list” or “lists” etc?


I am inspired by the fan-fic fans’ usage of tags for Pinboard, in this article written by Maciej Ceglowski - Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal.

I implement this tagging for All in singular form, lower case. I combine many tags, don’t know if it is efficient or not.

  • I use @ for tags indicating companies, example: @apple, @amazon, @netflix
  • I use - combined with : to indicate a scope, and the more specific scope. example: -life:business, -life:language, -animal:water, -product:software, -software:mobile, -software:web
  • I use ! for adjectives, like !awesome, !cute, !funny, !indonesian, !collective
  • I use ? to indicate learning source, ?react, ?speaking, ?objectivec

For example

  • link about learning ObjectiveC
    • tagged -software:programming, ?objectivec, @apple
  • Indonesian article, analyzing Patrick Star’s behavior with Pseudo-Philosophy
    • tagged !indonesian, -media:video, -life:philosophy
  • article about Radiohead interview
    • tagged -life:interview, @radiohead, -media:audio, !awesome
  • link about list of awesome font for programming
    • tagged !collective, -software:programming, -media:font, -product:software
  • video about new discovery of deep sea animals
    • tagged -life:nature, -animal:water

and so on, needs imagination


haha but is you the one that is using it, how you don’t know if it is efficient for you or not? :laughing: Do you find it to be worth it or just a waste of time and energy to be so specific at the moment of tagging?

I agree it takes a little more time to tag accordingly by following certain rules and guidelines, but if that effort pays out by being easier to find things in the future it is absolutely worth it. If, on the contrary, it doesn’t make it easier then maybe you are just wasting time and cognitive load by having such an atomic tagging system.

I found your systematic prefix approach quite useful and interesting, though. But will have to test it to see if it is really worth it or if it will turn to be just another unjustified OCD manifestation to me to add to my workflow :rofl:

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True that! Luckily, I rearrange my tags just after I read the article I mentioned earlier, so nowadays I just need to utilize the tag suggestion.

I think, it is easier for me to search for certain tag in the list of tags.
Also, if I forget what are the available tags that I have, I can just type the ? or ! or the -<first scope> and I can remember the predefined tags! Less risk of creating new tag :slight_smile:

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