Hub for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

I’m in the market for a hub that could be used for both a 14" M1 Pro MacBook Pro (work) and a M1 MacBook Air (personal). I have dual external monitors (I know that both will only work for the MBP), as well as a few USB-C and USB-A accessories. It would be nice if it could also provide power.

I plan on switching the computers connected to the hub as I use them (working hours with the MBP and non-working hours with the MBA).

Any suggestions by others with a similar setup or just using a hub that you like?

I would suggest looking at OtherWorldComputing (OWC), Satechi, Kensington, and CalDigit.

I would throw out a word of caution on the CalDigit TS4. I had one, and found it to be rather buggy - specifically, the ethernet port did not work, despite applying all of the potentials fixes found online. I think it is a firmware issue, but I don’t know if CalDigit has fixed it yet as I wound up selling the hub.

You could do this with either a Thunderbolt or a USB-C hub. Check the specs on any hub to ensure that it supports dual monitors, the interface for the monitors (for example, some hubs will support one monitor via USB-C and the other via DisplayPort, which if you have two Apple Studio Displays (as I do) will not work for you), and the max resolution(s) supported to ensure that if you are using 5 or 6K monitors the hub can support them.

Something else that I had issues with: the TS4 did not support a USB hub (connected via USB-A) connected to one of its USB-A ports. I had the same issue with another hub as well (cannot recall the brand), so this seems to be an issue with Thunderbolt hubs - I cannot say if this is Apple silicon specific as I had not tried this with my older Intel Macs.

I now have two Apple Studio Displays, which provide me with enough connectivity (along with my Mac Studio) that I do not need the hub, which is why I sold it. My USB hubs work find connected to the ASDs.