Hubs for the Dongle Book Pro

Finally pulled the trigger on MBP 15-inch, moving from a 2013 iMac and have a lot of older USB bits and pieces I’ll still need to use, hard drives, Bowers & Wilkins speakers, printer, etc.

I’m looking at hubs and totally overwhelmed by the options. What do you guys recommend?

Ideally I want a set up where I can plug one cable in and out if I move away from my desk and external monitor.



I have the same setup and use this, works perfectly well for me. I’m sure there are fancier setups but it was cheap and does the job.

USB C Hub, HooToo Type C Adapter Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports for New MacBook Pro 2016, New MacBook 12-Inch with Type C Plug and other USB C Laptop - Space Gray

Thanks! Sadly no SD card reader though. Did you consider thunderbolt docks?

I am using this one myself and for at least 15 more setups with clients.

Letscom USB C


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I got the Caldigit TS3 and really like it. I have my monitor, speakers, Scarlett interface, LAN (with Time Machine on that) and power just by plugging in one lead.
It’s pricey though.

They now have a Plus version with more ports, including SD.


Been reading good things about that dock. What’s the advantage of getting one with thunderbolt over just a usb-c?

Though I haven’t used one myself, my former company was looking at the Satechi brand hubs. We were looking at this one because it sits flush with the unit.

Though I do like the Ethernet port on this one:

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Sorry I liked the wrong one! It was this one I got.

I didn’t want to pay the money for a full on dock and lose the space on my desk.

USB C HUB, Hootoo usb splitter with 3.1 USB-C, 4K HDMI Port, USB 3.0 Port X 3, SD Card Reader, 100W Computer Power Delivery Port for MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel, Samsung and other Laptops

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Thanks for the replies! A lot of options to research.