Hue bridge not connecting Alexa or Siri or Home app

I have a Philips Hue bridge connected to my network via Ethernet to a switch and an Eero router. It’s worked fine forever, but today I can’t control the Hue bulbs from Alexa, Siri, or the Home app. I can still control them from the Hue app and from the Hue switches. The bridge itself shows all blue indicator lights except the internet light is off (or blinking for a long time after rebooting the bridge and then going off).

This happened a couple of weeks ago but resolved itself when I moved the bridge closer to the eero and changed the ethernet cable. Any ideas? The only other variable here is that the Eero updated its software overnight.

UPDATE: As a followup, I think every time the Eero updates, it’s causing the DHCP connection in the bridge to get corrupted. In the Eero app, it showed the bridge as not being connected to the network, even through the bridge’s local network connection light was on. I had to unplug the bridge and the ethernet cable for at least 30 seconds before it would show up again as connected and pulling a DHCP address in Eero. I had previously unplugged for 10 seconds, but evidently that wasn’t long enough.


My Hue bridge stops being responsive a couple times a year. Not worth understanding why.

I just bounce it, as @DomBett described above – unplug, go make a cup of coffee, re-plug.