Hue + HomeKit - Checking myself

It appears that there is no way to take Scenes that I have created in the Philips Hue app and automatically export or sync them with the scenes in HomeKit. is that correct? It appears that I have to manually create a separate set of HomeKit scenes, using the same Hue lights.

If so, boy, that’s a bummer!

If you’ve created a scene in a zone or room, in the hue app go to settings > IOS Automation > Homekit & Siri. When you create a new “scene” in there, you actually select the room and scene you’ve created previously and that syncs it up with HomeKit. A bit fiddly, not quite as automated as I’d like but at least you’re not starting over from scratch in the HomeKit app.

I’ve also seen that in the hue app, under the home tab, selecting a scene in a room, clicking the edit button brings up a menu with an option to ‘add to Siri’, not played with this yet but perhaps that also adds it to HomeKit.


Yeah, that’s what i was afraid of. It’s not terrible, but an annoying two step process - and one that i forget when i make a change to an existing scene in the Hue app. Hey, first-world problems, haha!

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Yes, it’s a faff, could be a lot easier.
Having a little play with it, it does give you an interesting bit of flexibility I didn’t appreciate was available.
You can use that screen to select multiple rooms, set each with a different scene (i.e. lounge = Relax and Kitchen = Concentrate) then bind it all to one command in Siri.
It would be a lot easier if each scene just had a little tick box ‘expose to Siri’ or something and then it shows up in HomeKit.