HUH? Notification won't go away

So far I’ve had Mojave for 24 hours… not happy… Currently I have an annoying notification in the upper right hand corner that says: Disk not ejected properly… 1) I have no idea what this message is referring to 2) I CAN NOT get rid of it. No swipes, click on the SHOW and nothing happens.

Aside from rebooting which I will do after a few other things… Any ideas?

I would just reboot. I think that happened during my install this weekend. No biggie.

I have a similar issue, some notifications stay on screen, though translucent, and I usually then flip the do not disturb button and then they do disappear. It is very strange and annoying, and has been like this since high sierra.

Have you tried turning “Do Not Disturb” on (and then off again)?

That might “dismiss” it. I think it would in a normal case, but obviously this isn’t a normal case.

Reboot solved it. But annoying nonetheless.

A handy solution I just learned while searching this topic if anyone needs to do this in the future without a restart. Open Activity Monitor. Get Info on the Notification Center process. Quit that process. Done.

It restarts automagically.


thanks Riley, this worked for me

This worked perfect. I hate when rebooting is the only solution. Thanks,

Ive struggled for weeks - YES - this did it. tnx