I am here to bitch. If you don’t care, skip this post

As a fulltime IT person with development, QA, sysadmin, etc experience over many decades and operating systems, I don’t expect much from general tech support from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. I am probably already as good as their third-tier support rep already. I am calling as a last ditch effort with the hope that I just don’t know the proper secret handshake for that particular build of that particular version that has a problem only when applied over a particular patch.

So, one Intel mac mini with an erased hard drive that won’t take a fresh OS install. I have tried a dozen things. Still get “An error has occured”. What error? Hell if I know, they won’t tell me. Nothing in the error dialog. and the only thing I can do is click OK and go right back to the beginning.

So I have mac mini #2, which I bought, a nice M1. But every 2nd or 3rd boot it has permission issues. I get 30 dialogs that permissions need to be set for Accessability or Screen Recording. I open system preferences and accessability and screen recording have absolutely zero entries. They are all gone. After 1-3 reboots, it fixes itself…. Until the next reboot.
So finally, after having apple care for a decade (because of hardware warranty repair coverage) I contacted apple care tech support for the first time ever.

Over two and a half hours in chat with two reps. result? I am exactly where I was before I called in terms of my mac issues, and two apple care support reps now know more than they did before I called because I taught them a few things since I know more than they did.

Sure I asked to escalate, but I can’t hang on the chat/phone so I asked for email reply tomorrow.

So, yet again, every year or two I say Fuck It and TRY to get tech support from a vendor, and once again I am proven right that 99.999% of tech support can only handle the stuff that we all have already tried and got nowehere.

Thank GOD it is different when I talk to enterprise software support at the direct-to-tier-three enterprise-level as a developer. Some of the tech support dev folks are miracle workers.

I feel better now. Time for some wine. This time red and in a nice glass.

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So you don’t use IBM products, I take it?

SSD or HD?
Install by downloading from Apple by holding the R key or from a usb drive with an installer?
Did you do a SMC reset?

I’m curious if Mac mini #2 was migrated from a backup of Mac mini #1. Perhaps problems were carried over.

I would run Malwarebytes too.

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I’ve had similar experiences with my m1 mini running Big Sour (no typo :grinning:). Over time, my system stabilized, so it now only happens every 10th reboot or so. The obvious solution is to not reboot unless you have to. And then pray that it gets better over time like mine did.

I did migrate over using the Migration Assistant from an iMAC where I never had any problems. I’m still contemplating to nuke-and-pave the M1 mini…