I Canceled My Studio Display Order

So I placed an order for the Studio Display and a Mac Studio about two weeks ago. It was still in the processing phase as of today. I noticed that Costco had the display in with a three day delivery date for the same price as the Apple education store! So I canceled my apple order and ordered with Costco. It will be ready for pick up on Friday! I still have my Mac Studio order in…but alas I won’t get it until June. At least I can hook up my new display to my M1 MacBook Pro while I wait. Just wanted to let folks know if you are getting the base model display you can get it almost instantly at Costco, and for a reduced price.


Nice tip. Seeing the same thing here. Maybe there’s some way to safely graft a plate with four threaded holes onto the stand…

You just prompted me to check one of the retail stores here in NZ, and I noticed they had 1 Mac studio max 32gb 2b in stock.

In stock!

Now they have non.

(and my bank balance has a Mac studio sized hole in it, and I can’t go out tomorrow because I’m expecting a delivery)