I-Cloud downloading photo’s from my new I-Mac

It seems like when I scan a batch of photo’s into my new I-Mac (with enhanced RAM) downloading these photos or changes to the downloaded photos takes HOURS to download to my I-Cloud account.
Just a little over 100 photos yesterday - only 8% have been town loaded in 24 hours.
How I can correct this?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

By upgrading to a faster internet provider and make sure your iMac is well connected to your home network

Is your internet is otherwise running speedily? You don’t say. If you aren’t sure visit https://fast.com/ and/or https://www.speedtest.net/

If it isn’t running fast it’s possibly your internet provider’s fault, or if you’re connected via WiFi it could be getting interference from neighbors.

You could either use a WiFi app like WiFi Explorer or WiFi Signal to get detailed info, but you can preliminarily have macOS check your WiFi by running the Wireless Diagnostics app (which you can find by doing a Spotlight search).

Upload speeds are always slower than download speeds.

I might reach 11Mbps upload while getting 150Mbps download while on Wifi. Connected to Ethernet gives me 20Mbps up and 200Mbps down.

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Testing today:
Download: 46.89
Up Lao day: 6.63

I just turned off the VPN > appeared to make a difference.

Well that was an important detail…