I embark on the dangerous mission of changing task management software

Yeah, but it will have its will and put it in that miscellaneous project (which confused me for a while as I kept deleting it). As I said, you can get used to it and I just accepted that it’s the way it works. But it still seems odd to me that such a powerful software is so stubborn in this aspect.

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I couldn’t agree more. Although I experimented with OF 4 when it was released, I’ve stayed with Reminders as my task manager for the reasons you mentioned and a few more. Here is where Reminders can be improved, in no particular order,

  • Add more keyboard shortcuts with fewer clicks to enter data
  • Add the ability to select a list from a dropdown menu to Reminders on the Mac to match the process used on iOS.
  • Fix the broken email link issue (see prior posts about this)
  • Add start and deferral dates
  • Add a review function

In other words, keep the simple, clean, and native design of Reminders and add the aforementioned OF functions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will have to disagree with last 2 points. Not having them makes Reminders simple IMO.

Rest I agree with you.

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I tried reminders as a year or so ago and found it required too much mousing around to get things done. And I missed those start dates. The start dates weren’t a dealbreaker for me, but they were a minus.

Reminders are indeed the great choice for many people. But not for me. Same for Todoist.


I’m going on 12 years of use now—it’s one of the most consistent and reliable pieces of software in my workflow, and one of the ones I’m least likely to change. In fact, I feel like I’m still learning new tricks and approaches to using OmniFocus effectively. It’s very flexible—as I adjust, change, and refine my approaches to task management, it provides the flexibility to do so. A couple of recommendations:

  • Some other people have recommended @MacSparky’s field guide. I found that really helpful a few years back and it kickstarted some re-thinking about how I use the app. I would also highly recommend @timstringer 's Learn OmniFocus. This is a great resource and has really impacted how I use the app, and it’s kind of like a productivity community where everyone has at least one app in common: OmniFocus.
  • I just want to mention that there is a growing collection of OmniFocus plugins that has become essential to how I use the app. These are really useful!

I just added an OmniFocus task to check out Macsparky’s Field Guide and Learn OmniFocus. Heh. Thanks.

Although I know enough about OmniFocus to just jump in—and that’s part of the appeal. So I’m in no rush to dig in to tutorials.

LearnOmnifocus.com with Tim Stringer has an annual subscription price for $59.00. Starting June 1, it will increase to $99.00. I have been with Tim for many years and highly recommend his site. Great people & platform!


Ooooof youre tempting me to check out omnifocus 4 again…

One question: I was an omnifocus 3 pro user and had bought it all through the app store. However I have prev uninstalled and cant seem to find omnifocus 3 to download.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get upgrade pricing if id previously bought on app store?

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Here you go. Upgrade pricing for existing Customers

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Thanks @sangadi :slight_smile:

The bit I was having trouble with was downloading omnifocus 3 again so i could register it, but I figured it out by going through the purchases associated with my icloud account.

I went the other way: having used OmniFocus since its creation, I switched to Things a few years ago and have been much happier. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a great framework. I have lots of projects that I cannot figure out how to break it down most effectively. I think this would work for me on a lot of those.

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Not only do I prefer Start Dates, but I also have several tasks where I need a repeat after completion, not just every X days/weeks. For simple home tasks, I use Reminders. For work tasks/projects, I use Toodledo. The tasks integrate nicely into my calendar/task app of choice, Pocket Informant.





Shiny object syndrome triggered. I just took a quick look at OF since I’ve had a license up through V4. At first glance, I didn’t see anything compelling me to move off the Tasks plugin in Obsidian.


I have been using OF since v2. These days, I need more than task management. So work lives in Asana, which is a dedicated PM tool and very important for my business at this point. A lot of lighter weight stuff now lives in OF.

With less stuff in OF4, I tried switching to Things, but actually found it too tedious to set up repeating todos, or to add due dates. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but OF4, an app whose design I generally loathe, continues to be the best fit for me personally.

I recommend it with a lot of hesitation, a heavy heart, and many caveats.


I’m coming up on the end of the eval period for OF. It’s OK, but I wonder if there are less expensive and/or less complex options that might suit me just as well.

I think I’ll pay the monthly license and kick the decision down the road a bit.


The last time I used it, the free version of Asana seemed like a great option as a personal task manager

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Honestly, you couldn’t pay me to use it that way — the mobile app is no good — but it works great as a PM.

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I’ve never stuck with a dedicated task manager for long (I foolishly bought and abandoned the Things 3 apps), so my tastes in such things are probably very different than most people’s. :wink: