I give up- can’t activate spotlight on iPad in CS

Is it just me? I can’t figure out (nor can Google) how to activate spotlight while within an application with CS on. If I turn it off then it activates in split view. Turn it back on- nada.
Anybody else figure out the correct incantation?

Sorry, but could you explain, what you mean with “CS on”?
And, as far as I know, there is no Spotlight on the iPad, or miss I something?

Or are you talking about the “regular” search function on the iPad?
This has to be activated for certain apps.
Preferences - Siri&Search - Scroll down there are the Apps, where you can activate/deactivete the search.

I’m guessing CS means Stage Manager, not Center Stage. cmd+space works for me while Stage Manager is active. I don’t actually know how to activate search while an app is open without a keyboard because the app uses the downward swipe instead of the system, whether in Stage Manager or not.

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Whoops! I guess I’m not too young to have a senior moment !
Yes- I meant Stage Manager And search (although I honestly thought they rebranded it across the platforms under spotlight).
When using the iPad without a keyboard I open a search bar to select another app to add to my stage. With a keyboard I can.

Yeah, you have to either drag the app up from the dock, drag it over from the side strip of recent apps, or if you keep the apps folder, in your dock you can access from there. I find that it’s fairly quick to open an app using Siri, would be cool if they would add a command for “add app” to add an app to the current stage.

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