I have downloaded an mp3-file locally on the iPhone via safari and want to listen to it

Dear MPU lovers

I have just downloaded an mp3 file via Safari to my Downloads folder on my iPhone.
To my dismay (is that a good word), I realize that the iPhone’s native “mp3 player” is not good.
I need to be able to go back 10 seconds, skip 10 seconds, maybe organize a bit and so on.

Does anyone of you wonderful MPU lovers have a suggestion for me regarding an app from the App Store that solves my problem?

Best of Regards

if it is an mp3 audio book, may be try this app?

Pocketcasts, my podcast app of choice, allows you to add files and has all the usual facilities, including remembering position.

Readdle Documents. Pretty decent built-in audio/video player. Allows for adjustable skip steps (5s up to 120s), remembers position and allows for editing of metadata.

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Yes. Tried it. Thanks. Work well.

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Oh. Will
Download and try.
Thanks :pray: