I just don’t get Launchbar. It drives me crazy. Someone please explain its greatness

The one thing that always makes me come back to Alfred is that I can setup “File/Folder Search” workflows so that I can do things like “home [search term]” and it will list all files/folders in locations related to “Home”. I haven’t found a workflow that works as seamlessly as Alfred.

But every few months I jump back to LaunchBar and try to make it work. :grinning: I may give more specific abbreviations to things, but I wish there was a better way to search through files directly in LaunchBar.

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Ha, yea. But I want a golden goose and I want it now! :rofl::crazy_face:

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So, I’ve been happily using Launchbar for years. A few days ago I learned that I can utilize Alfred as a spell checker. That was reason enough for me to download the free demo. The spell checker is cool, but most of the features I’m looking for – that I do daily with launchbar – require the powerpack upgrade. Does anyone know if there is a way to add spelling capability to launchbar? From where I sit, it would be great it I could add that and then I would happily stay with launchbar.

Not sure how your study is going, but I have another great LB resource for you. If you have not come across it yet, there is a Take Control of LaunchBar book that is excellent. You can find it here.

Yes! That’s a must-have book in my opinion for anyone wanting to take the full advantage of LaunchBar.

Instant Send alone is worth the price.


Select anything (text, file, folder, whatever), press Alt, it goes to LaunchBar, then act on it (send to CloudApp, copy, anything you want to do with it).


Agree with the previous post. Instant send is the crucial feature for me. I get lot of documents and files sent to me, and I need the ability to sort them and file them quickly. All I need to do is select one, double tap the command key to bring up instant send, and I can immediately file a new appropriate folder. This feature alone is worth more than the cost of admission.

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I’m having troubles with LaunchBar instant send…
With a desktop file selected (I really mainly use this for cleaning up the desktop) I hit double-option and nothing happens. Like I didn’t press anything. No launcher appears to select the destination. Double command/control/fn also won’t work.

Permissions thing with Big Sur 11.5.2 ?
LB is set to have folder file access ✓; monitor keyboard input ✓; accessibility ✓; automation ✓

otherwise seems everything I use it for is working

Any help much appreciated.


Great way to learn about LB

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Instant send was the killer feature that I missed when I switched to Alfred. But, with Alfred’s Universal Actions,I can get that feature back again. I still prefer Launchbar’s folder navigation, but workflows for Alfred are easier to create and now that I am older, I appreciate an app that waits for me to finish typing.

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Regarding folder navigation, I haven found a way to navigate files in Alfred as seamlessly as in LN. like you can type a folder and see it’s files, but cannot navigate to the subfolders, is it possible in Alfred?

If I understand what you’re asking, yes. In Alfred, after searching for a folder, hit right arrow to show the contents, up and down arrows to navigate to the desired subfolder, and right arrow again to enter that subfolder.

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Quicksilver is still an instant install on all my Macs.
It’s been a diehard old friend for a veyr long time and still does exactly what I want it to do.

  • Alfred’s UI is too large for me, even after adjusting the look.
  • Launchbar is very cool but it has more options than I need personally.