I just sent my m1 MBAir to Apple for battery replacement

This morning, I tried using my m1 MBAir. Dead. Seemed a little soon, but whatever. I put it on the charger and went off to other things.

About 5 hours later, I grabbed it off the charger. I had to reboot and, when I did, I got a message onscreen that my battery was very low and I’d need to put it on a charger or it would sleep.

So I did. Opened the Battery System Prefs pane and there was a message that my battery was in need of replacement. I dug into the Health area and say that it had 88% life after just 13 charge cycles. Also, charging was stuck at 1% and it immediately died when the power cord was removed.

Apple quickly agreed with the onboard diagnostics and off it went for the free fix. May take a week to get it back.

Anyone else having any issues with battery on the m1s? Mine worked fine and held a nice long charge until it didn’t.

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Dang, I’m sorry to hear that. I have not seen other reports, but I hope you get it back quickly!

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Weird. This just posted on MR describes the very same behavior in 4-5 year old MBPs.