I laughed for 20 minutes

We have all been there trying to help someone with a tech situation. I have a job as a tech admin and have to be so patient and professional at work, even when I have to start with, “Is it plugged in?” And with my own mother I force myself to be gentle.

Today I was helping a friend set up Apple Pay. She got to the part where she can scan the debit card to input information.

Friend: Where do I put my card in?

Me: See the screen? The camera is on. Hold it in front of the camera lens.

Friend: Camera? No. It says put the card in the little frame.

Me: No. When you hold the card in front of the camera, move it so the image is in the frame…

Friend; No, It wants it in the frame. Holds the iPad flat and places the debit card onto the screen where the frame is.

At that point I lost it and laughed so hard I thought I would have a heart attack.

Just when I’m calming down, my friend says quietly, “ I ended up inputting it manually…”.

I started laughing again. :joy:


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