I like iOS 15 weather app – no need for any other weather app

Now that the Weather app includes a radar in the app itself rather than sending me to a webpage, my biggest gripe about the default weather app has been addressed. Based on my needs, the default weather app is more than adequate. I have no need to subscribe or to pay extra for a third party weather app.


Another subscription dollar saved!


It’s fantastic with the only exception being that, sadly, it’s not on the iPad! Of course the Weather widget is on the iPad and it’s very nice indeed but redirects to weather.com, perhaps one of the most ad-littered websites of all time. I’ll be keeping Carrot weather around for my iPad and really, I do appreciate it for it’s added entertainment value!


The only downside is that my weather app doesn’t insult me every day :rofl: and make me LOL. I am $25 richer, however.

I forgot about the new weather app, thanks @Bmosbacker!


I have others who handle that task quite ably. :rofl:


And the Dark Sky widget cannot be placed on the Home Screen. It would be helpful if Apple had a “Why We Do Stupid Things” podcast to explain decisions like this.

Which baffles me! I’m perplexed as to why Apple doesn’t provide a weather and calculator app for the iPad.

I’m actually surprised that the Dark Sky app still exists. I thought that it was going to be deprecated by now.

Me too, but I plan to use it while I can.

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Now that I have Forecast Bar on macOS via Setapp, and the new Weather app update in iOS 15 for my phone and Watch, it’s bye-bye Carrot. The new watch complication with Weather is very nice.


It was announced back in June:

Update: Support for the Dark Sky API service for existing customers will continue until the end of 2022. The iOS app and Dark Sky website will also be available until the end of 2022.

But given everything else going on in June (and the world in general) it would have been easy to miss.

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the weather app is nice and comprehensive but its radar feature isn’t great.

where I live, Radarscope with its yearly subscription is my most relied upon weather app.

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I would like to download to my MacBook Air m1. Cant do this at the moment.

Does anyone know if you can change the default map to Precipitation (ie radar)? Otherwise you have to click on the map > click on the stacked diamond icon on the right > click on precipitation. Would save 2 clicks if you could set Precipitation as the default. You can also bring up the weather map by clicking the folded paper (map) icon on the lower left.

FYI - On the maps in Weather, if you hard press (haptic) on a city, it will give you a brief weather report and allow you to add to your list of cities. You will need to zoom out to see more cities. This also gives you a better target to select a specific city.

I thought this was an issue as well BUT I discovered that the radar changes to show precipitation if it is in the area. I rather like that but of course, one has to manually change it otherwise.

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Recently, I’ve noticed that Dark Sky is not showing me consistent data. For example, last week, the text in the app said we were going to 15-24" of snow BUT, the graph was showing snow for a 2 hours.

That has carried forward this week. The text says 5-9" of snow tomorrow but the hourly graph is just showing some rain.

After finding this thread, I downloaded the stock Weather app but it doesn’t give me any hourly forecast past the next 24 hours.

I’m not sure if Carrot does this but I’m not willing to pay a sub for a weather app.

Any other suggestions or am I missing something in the stock Weather app?