I love Evernote Premium but I hit the 250 folder limit

I have been using Evernote Premium for years have over 6,000 notes. I am a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Broker and I create a new folder for each client.
I have just hit the 250 folder limit. I use both folders and tags. I welcome guidance would love to stay with Evernote if possible.


Just throwing out an idea, I don’t know if it would meet your needs. You can have 100,000 tags. I think tags and folders are similar in function, and you can nest tags. So you could create a tags in the pattern, “A-D,” “E-H,” “I-L,” and so on, and then a nest an individual tag for each client underneath alphabetically in the format “Last Name, First Name.” That would, I think, be well organized as an alternative to client notebooks. You could then start using folders to store files by the year of the transaction.

Article on using tag as pseudo notebooks.

Thank you I took your advice and went to using tags as Pseudo Notebooks, actually, it works better than my previous system just show never too old to change. Appreciate your comments.