I may have accidentally figured out why Apple updated the Apple Watch charging dock

Forgive me if this has already been discussed: but it appears that the white charging dock/base that was recently updated may have been for a very specific reason: to accommodate the new 44mm AW case size.

I’ve been using the dock for a while now, and never had connection issues with my previous Watche. My new 44mm sits ever so slightly askew from making proper contact in the full upright position. In fact, I have to tilt the watch and dock assembly backward slightly in order to cause the watch to seat correctly into the inductive receiver.

You can see the difference along the top edge of the sensor in the pics, very very slight (bottom pic is full upright)

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Studio neat material dock suffers the same issue. However it can be easily solved by pulling out the cork just a bit. I guess you put pack something under it but it stays up by itself by friction.