I opened a dodgy link on my iPhone - what is the risk?

Hi all

I got a dodgy text message this morning as detailed on this news story: Have you been getting scam texts with 'missed voicemails'? Here's why, and what you should do - Hack - triple j

So… how did I do it? I copied the SMS text and then pasted it into Safari and hit Paste and Go (I’m sure that usually says Paste and Search…)

I immediately closed the website, and nothing appears to have been downloaded.

I cleared my history and website data and restarted my phone.

Everything seems normal. Anything to worry about here and any advice?

Is your phone running the very latest version of iOS? If so, you’re probably okay.

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Yep, latest version. Thanks for putting my mind at rest!

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What @ACautionaryTale said and: if you don’t expect it - delete it!