I really hate Face ID

@Rob_Polding I was just in Spain a week ago, Denia, Valencia, Tres Cantos, and Madrid. :sunglasses:

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I am surprised how well it works with sunglasses on. I also where a big sun hat which covers part of my face. The phone recognises me most of the time.

Of course, everything has its edgecases. Your facial bone structure may be one of those edgecases. You really need to look at a sample much larger than 1, and need to expect that there will always be some fallout.

We were in Spain in May- Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona. May 13-June1

I have a thread elsewhere - Google offline maps flat out wouldn’t work, even though I had downloaded them before leaving the US.

In another thread, Encrypt.me in autoprotect mode kept dropping my wifi connection when I was in Spain (but I’ve had that problem in the US too). Once I figured that out, I just engaged it manually.

My wife has problems with it too. I find it works best when my iPad is in propped up on a desk in the Smart Keyboard. Double tap the space bar and I’m in. That works great! So I wouldn’t say it is a total regression, but outside on my phone is far less reliable.

I was there during that period, May 27-June 4. :slight_smile:

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I agree with the original poster. FaceID has been much slower than TouchID. I have an iPhone 8 for work and it’s instantly logged in with putting my finger on the sensor and then it logs into our secure work EHR program as I’m taking it out of my pocket.

FaceID takes 1-2 seconds (I know, so long) whereas TouchID feels like milliseconds. On the iPad I’m often standing too close or too far or the camera is covered. While driving, I could place my thumb on the phone by feel to unlock. FaceID makes me take my eyes off the road for a second or two to pay attention to the phone.

I do like the bigger screen without the chin, but if they put the TouchID on the back, that may solve that.

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Yes, event the slightest moisture will defeat touch id

Another difference between the phone and iPad is most users hold their phones much closer to their faces, whereas iPad users hold their iPads further away. I’m sure distance is a factor in face recognition.

I do agree that face is takes a bit longer, but it’s not prohibitively so. I’d speculate that’s because the face recognition is mostly done in software, whereas touchid is mostly hardware based

I live in Madrid, I’ve been here about a decade now and love the way of life. I hope you enjoyed the food and sun!

I prefer Face ID.

Especially under not so ideal weather conditions, Touch ID does not work (rain, moist surrounding). And of course, it does not work when wearing gloves (yes, I know that there are “capacitive” gloves that work with Touch ID).

I do not have issues with Face ID’s speed.

Still, I get that there may be situations when Touch ID could be preferred. But for me, it is the other way around. From November to March, Face ID has enabled myself to use my iPhone outside reliably which had not been possible with Touch ID.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but Spaniards eat way too late! :rofl: I’m not use to starting dinner at 8:30! :slight_smile:

I love faceID!
Anyway, it does not work for me if I wear my polarized sunglasses (and have attention awareness turned on). Maybe this helps the OP.

I love Face ID :bangbang: I had a lot of doubts when I first got my iPhone XR, but it has worked superbly. Even with wrap-around sunglasses and a cycling helmet the iPhone recognizes me. Works fine in a dark bedroom.

I agree! – Face ID has been slower and less reliable for me as well.

Touch ID so rarely failed for me and was super-fast.

Apple Pay is now a pain (hold the phone over the device to pay, then pull the phone away to show it my face or try to hold my face over it, which really looks dumb and does not work!).

Was just showing a friend some photos in a bar (on my iPad w/ FaceID). I finally gave up and used the password. Sure it was a little bit darker; but the “two seconds” each time was a PIA. [[Was literally at the bar, having dinner, and stopping and showing the iPad my face every time we got distracted (and talked about things) was more distracting than typing in the password]].


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It works better if you authenticate Apple Pay with Face ID and then hold the phone over the terminal. You have plenty of time.


Double-click the side button, authenticate with your face and then tap to the payment terminal. Once FaceID recognizes you, it will stay on for a while so you can tap. You don’t have to trigger FaceID while holding your phone over the terminal.


I do kinda agree that Apple Pay isn’t as smooth, but you can authenticate on your way to the kiosk, and when you get there just hold the phone close to pay. No contortions required.

99% of the time I use my watch for Apple Pay.


@jcarucci I am in agreement with you. I just don’t agree at all that FaceID is more reliable than the final iteration of TouchID I used. It worked with the lightest of touch, my finger in any orientation, and was ready and open by the time it was out of my pocket. It always worked. As mentioned, FaceID does not work at every angle, particularly with the iPhone (and almost never lying down unless held uncomfortably directly above my face), in direct sunlight either on your face or on the phone, and with lot of sunglasses, which is extremely annoying. When it fails, it takes much too long to get to the screen to type your password, so you are left just awkwardly staring at your phone screen.

Where I do find FaceID superior is in unlocking apps when I am using iOS, or when it is used in lieu of a password. That is an excellent experience. However, for unlocking the phone, not at least having the option of TouchID is painful. Though, I have found that FaceID has gotten a lot better than from its initial release, but I would not describe it as excellent.

I also do like it very much on the iPad and think that FaceID is a much better form factor for the iPad than for the iPhone (I typically use my iPad with a keyboard case).

Wow, I’m so you’re having problem. I love Face ID and think it way better than Touch ID. I especially love it on my iPad I never have problems with covering the camera.

FaceID worked for me from the first time I tried it and I’ve had very few issues with it. Sunglasses that block infra-red light will block FaceID. You can turn off FaceID requiring attention to get around this. This makes it less secure in that somebody could unlock your phone while you were asleep but the same argument applies to touch ID. https://www.macworld.com/article/3387623/how-to-use-face-id-with-sunglasses.html

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