I really miss TouchID

Anyone else?

Wearing a mask on public transport makes FaceID useless! Oh how I long for TouchID occasionally!


That’s why I never parted from my 8+


Hey Siri. It’s me.

iPhone unlocked !!!

I wish this feature gets added soon.


I got the iPhone SE 2020 for exactly this reason.

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Yeah, this is definitely going to influence my upgrade choice next round. If one of the new iphones has touch ID that’s what I’m getting.

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I solve this by never leaving the house.


This will make leaving an iPhone 8 difficult. I solved this by keeping my “old” stuff.

Get a 2nd generation iPhone SE?

Tjlouma I solve this by never locking the phone :joy::joy::joy:

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sound is super easy to fake… oh and not that much Corona here in Norway and almost no one wears masks and life is rather normal (restaurants, pools and clubs are open, whole company eats together at same table).
Helps that Germans (like me) and Norwegians are not part of the huggy kissy part of Europe.

Dislike Touch ID on my iPad Pro 10.5 since I have to raise my arm to use it when in laptop mode.

No wonder the Italians had such a hard time of it :slight_smile:

Same. I keep my mask on when outside 99% of the time in NYC and it’s been such a pain. I really am thinking about picking up SE. The combo of watch, AirPods, phone on the go is starting to sound better and better. Giving up the camera though would be really hard.

I switched to a 4 digit passcode that I can easily do with one hand. I know, I know, but I was going insane.

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If I want to receive work emails I need to have a complex password :frowning:

Hopefully iPhones 12 will incorporate new Touch ID of iPad Air.

Well the obvious question here is, “Do you want to receive work emails?” :wink: