I really tried to move to iCloud for all document storage

I really wish I could use my 2TB of iCloud storage for documents, but it is just too much of a headache and I have returned to Dropbox.

  1. Sadly all things iCloud are forever attached to your Macs internal drive and there is just no way around that.

  2. There is no way to really manage the way documents are stored on the Mac and or in iCloud. Optimize storage setting doesn’t really help much.

  3. Uploading is SLOW…

  4. Even though your Finder says 1.7TB in the info bar at the bottom, it is still using your internal drive for storage.

In short, if you have enough internal drive space, iCloud is awesome. If not, Dropbox all the way.

Upload speed is very veeeeeeery slow. Don’t know why. Sharing is awful also. But I managed to get it working. Been using it for my personal stuff and onedrive for the business stuff.

I’ve moved all my documents and work files on iCloud since it’s introduction. I haven’t encountered any problem, there is some hiccup back then like slow sync or it takes a few minutes before it appears but now it’s seamless.

I started with 20GB, then 50GB then 200GB, now I’m on a 2TB plan shared with my entire family.