I see Darkroom went subscription

I love the app, my fave iOS editing app by far. I’ve paid for it in the past. Not sure what I’ll do long-term. I /almost/ use it enough to make it worthwhile for me, I’ll have to see. If the subscription works w family sharing that might put it over the top for me:

It really is a great app, imho:

For people who purchased anything in the past, they are giving away all the Premium features free. Also they have a standalone purchase option too. Looks like they did some homework :slight_smile:


Yeah, agreed. Fair, imho. And it really is a nice app.

I can understand why it’s hard to run a business on a single $3 purchase from someone and expecting upgrades for years.

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Yes, their annual subscription is also reasonable compared from a monthly rate. They did put in enough thought. Kudos to them and I do own darkroom. Need to play more now with the new features

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Same, I bought it, too. The new watermarking and export stuff is cool, too. I need to figure out how the hashtag stuff works.