I think I need to upgrade

Sooo slowwwww. Maybe a new 16inch MacBook?


Depending on the size screen you need, the apps you use and the amount of time you’re mobile, maybe get a smaller MacBook and add an eGPU. :zap:

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I currently have a 2017 MacBook. i5 16 gbs of ram. I’m happy with it other then how long it takes to export videos.

My setup does need to be mobile. I use my laptop to teach so it might start getting to be a pain to lug around the 16” version. I think your suggestion is probably my best bet for now. I didn’t realize the egpu helped with this. I thought it was fully cpu dependent.

It depends on the app! Apple has a basic Support article here. You can get a lot of heavy-duty video processing done with a 13" Macbook and an eGPU, but if you do it on the go the 16" MBP is a better, more travelworthy option.

There’s an entire community over at egpu.io dedicated to making egpu’s work optimally with all sorts of laptops including macbooks, but some things, like Bootcamp, don’t work right out of the box. (Drivers are up to the PC hardware vendors)

Here’s an interesting recent video comparison - the 16" MBP held up compared to the 13" with eGPU!:


Every time, I think about upgrading my mac (now four years old), I ask myself, what cant I ship with the current set of tools I have. Answering this always defers my purchase :slight_smile:

Now when my Mac feels slow every now and than, I take the time to sit back and just relax. A few minutes here and there wont make any difference and taking some time to just relax is far better for you mentally :slight_smile:

Sorry, I know this is not what you were asking for.


You have a point.

I think it’s also about how I organize tasks. It took about an hour and 10 mins to export 40 mins of video. I can record, edit, save the project files and then Batch export at night and upload to YouTube the next day.

But If the export went from 1hour to half of that wouldn’t it be worth it (I feel I’m using David Sparks logic here).

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