I think Stephen should buy David one of these

I think @ismh should buy @MacSparky one of these for Christmas, so he doesn’t have to keep that drive spackled to the back of his iMac Pro.


absolutely brilliant gift!

Those look nice but I believe David isn’t using the iMac Pro on a stand but rather a VESA mount to a adjustable arm.

I bought this a few years ago. Much more shelf space.


Yeah, this won’t work with his setup.

If I could use one of these to lower Stephen’s blood pressure, I would. Alas, I use a VESA mount. :slight_smile:

How much weight can it hold? I’ve been looking at the 12 South version to hold hard drives but I have 3 that are routinely attached to my Mac. Wondering if this shelf version will work better.

Also, right now I have a 21 inch iMac, I am hoping to get a 27 inch in the next year or so. Do you know if the small will still fit on a newer larger mac? The info says no but sometimes web sites aren’t exactly 100% correct.

Here is the original Kickstarter page (they have since ‘graduated’ to the original page I shared). If you scroll down, it will show that it can hold a cinder block and it says it holds up to 10 lbs.

The site says that the “Small” one fits the 21" iMac while the “Large” one fits the 27". Read the specs on the page(s)…it’s all detailed there. It’s awesome and provides a ton of extra space for practically anything you would want to put there.

I got that, but I was more interested in the weight. The page you shared initially did not have any specs for weight or physical sizes or anything. Just the large vs small and which Macs it fits. There wasn’t any place on that page to contact them to ask for more details and I didn’t know about the Kickstarter page. Thanks for updating that.

Oh! I’m sorry. Mis-read what you were asking for. :o

I’m not sure of the exact weight of the shelf itself but it is what you would expect from a metal shelf. It’s not ‘lead’ heavy or anything like that. LOL. I’m sure you can reach out to the designer for more details if you can’t find them on either of the pages I shared.