I think we have a Mouse problem

Cleaning out old stuff in the house.


I think this should do the trick.


This was pretty close to reality when we cleaned out my dad’s house…

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I just showed that to my husband. He said he only has 1 box full and they are not going away (yet).

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I used to have that little two-button trackpad thingie! So light that when the cord got tangled it refused to lay flat. Did not like it.

Actually, I’ve started using a wired mouse with my M1 Mac Mini because it seems to freeze and stutter a lot using Bluetooth. Maybe you should list these on EBay as the “new” mouse that is guaranteed to work with the M1 Mac. :slight_smile:

To quote the Apostle David Sparks, “Apple giveth and Apple taketh away.”

I prefer wired rodents. Same with wired keyboards.

I love the Packard Bell! LOL

I always keep a couple of wired mice and keyboards around in case I have Bluetooth problems. My preferred keyboard is the wired one with numeric pad.

But I bet not many of them are PC bus mice :wink:

Yeah. I was particularly taken by the variety of connectors that you had on display. I have the same problem with trackballs - including one set that looks identical except for the trackballs spanning three different generations of connectors.