I thought Apple Didn’t Track?

I may have had a misconception regarding Apple’s tracking policies, at least as it concerns Apple News. Having recently lost our dog of 12 years I’ve been researching dog breeds and related issues. Suddenly, news stories about dogs appeared in Apple News—they had not been there before. I use Duck Duck Go and Safari for all web related activities.

What am I misunderstanding?

I am just thinking off the cuff here … but it seems plausible to me that this is all being done ON your system. Safari could be saving some breadcrumbs that News is sweeping up and using. If so, it would be a bit unnerving, but not insecure.

If that is the case, I have not issue with it at all. Thanks.

But as I noted — it’s just a guess.

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@lsamberg is right, as stated in the Apple News privacy policy:

Recommendations in Apple News are made based on the information stored on your device. To clear your reading and listening history, tap or click Clear in the History section of News in iOS or iPadOS. On your Mac, go to News > Clear History and click Clear History. This will also reset the identifier used for News and Stocks. You can also reset the identifier without clearing your reading and listening history on your iOS or iPadOS device by going to Settings > News, then tapping to turn on Reset Identifier. On your Mac, open News, then go to News > Clear History and click Reset Identifier.

Siri suggests stories, channels, and topics you may like based on on-device processing of information derived from the apps you use and the websites you visit with Safari. This information is not sent to Apple.


Thank you and my bad, I should have looked that up before posting but perhaps it will help others. Thanks again!

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Sorry about your dog! :broken_heart:


I recently learned from a post by Michael Tsai that Apple uses its very own definition of tracking, where they are not considered to be tracking but third parties are.

Thanks. He really was “my best buddy.“ He never left my side.