I WANT to love Drafts 5 but can't .... Yet

I WANT to love Drafts 5. However, I can’t until there is a Mac version. Has anyone heard if Drafts is coming to MacOS and if so, approx. when?


There’s a little section in the about Drafts page, I know it’s being worked on but they have nothing to announce just yet - I’m very sure it’s coming though!


While Drafts is incredibly powerful I find the UI really Byzantine and unpolished. There are so many layers but I guess that’s what people love about it. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife but more army than Swiss.

Oh… Would love Drafts on the Mac. After a day of note-taking in the field it would be great to deal with them when I’m back in my office.:pray:

If I can find the podcast he said it on I’ll point to it, but if I recall correctly, Greg is targeting by the end of the year. Obviously, there are unexpected issues in development, so it could be sooner or later. But it is coming. So love Drafts on iOS for now, and then love it more when it comes to the Mac! :wink:


I can’t wait for Drafts on the Mac. There are so many times I find myself looking for some sort of scratch pad on the Mac. Strangely, though, I don’t really use it on iOS. I find it just as easy to load the app I want to use directly rather than typing out text and trying to work out where it needs to go. Maybe it’s because I do comparatively little writing on iOS.

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Drafts5 is amazing…but (like the workflow app) don’t force its use…embrace it. find where you need it and start slowly with very specific use cases. You’ll (very soon) appreciate its power

yep. That was me a few years back and now use it every day.

And yep. It’s very easy to want to implement all the automations we read/listen to from the web. I’ve started with a very simple automation: I was having some issues with my electriciy supplier and started loggig my meter reads in a draft and and append them to a txt file in google drive.

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It is great for quick entry and some actions, but I, too, find it very crowded and it’s also hard to remember what the different icons do. I still want to use if for more stuff but especially on the iPhone (I don’t have an iPad) it’s cumbersome.

If there would be Drafts 5 on the Mac I would ditch Bear.

@nahumck I think it was on the Drafts episode of Do By Friday where Greg confirmed Drafts on the Mac by the end of the year! You had an excellent bonus episode, by the way :slight_smile: