I was definitely wrong!

When Stephen Hackett took over From Katie I was very sceptical and actually hadn’t particularly enjoyed Stephen on Connected. All I can say is I was wrong, The show has gone from strength to strength. Stephen really clicks with David and adds to the show considerably.


I agree that I think the show has only gotten better. I was thinking about this myself recently, and looking back on it now, I have a hunch (and nothing to prove this, of course) that Katie was getting sort of burned out for awhile before she left. I think she still enjoyed doing the show, but her heart wasn’t in it as much as it once was. And if that was the case, well, I can’t blame her for that. We’ve all lost interest in projects over time, and she was on MPU for a long time.

As for not being a fan of Connected, well, it’s a different kind of show. I enjoy it enough that I listen live almost every week, but I can understand that it might not be for everyone. But Stephen obviously knew that going in, and his history with the Mac made him seem like a natural fit for MPU. I’m certainly glad it has turned out to be true.

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I haven’t listened to Connected before, but I just tried the most recent episode and found it compelling due to Stephen and Myke’s chemistry which obviously comes from working closely together, among other things. It made me think David and Stephen could achieve something similar on MPU that will be great for the show when a similar level of time together happens. I say that while thinking that MPU is very good right now, too, and obviously these are just random listener perceptions that the hosts are probably rolling their eyes at. :slight_smile:

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