I wish Elgato would make a mouse

I am beyond frustrated with Logitech. The last two iPad keyboards started losing keys very quickly and mine let my iPad drop onto tile and crack the screen. I’m thinking my next keyboard is going to be from Brydge.

My Logitech mouse decided it no longer wants to track or maintain click and hold and it’s driving me nuts. I think I need a break.

Really taking a close look at a Stream deck + this year along with a Key Light and Webcam Pro. I like that the system can be tied together via software. It seems like a programmable mouse wouldn’t hart as an accessory to add to the system. A handful of programmable buttons that could enable a variety of macros or devices would be nice. Anyone heard of any plans like this?

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Elgato? No. But gaming companies make exotic stuff like this:



That plus Keyboard Maestro or some other software “glue” could get you some pretty decent automation.


I just came across this Razer model a few days ago. I thought the inserts for the button area is a novel feature. Going to see if anyone has tested the prototype of Version 2 or the original version to see how they liked it.

I’m certainly looking to FINALLY use KM and the Stream Deck and a mouse with Macro capability will help a lot.