iAnnotate on iOS question

Does anyone here know if iAnnotate can export highlights and notes you maek on PDF files and if so how and in what formats?

The way I do it is through the Share menu.

A dialog is then presented “Share Options”.

Under the first option, you can choose between “Document Type”: Annotated PDF, Flattened PDF (that is, not editable), PDF without annotations AND no document (i.e., just the annotations).

The next option is “Advanced” which allows you to export:

(a) Summary - with options None, Annotations (Text) or Annotations (PDF)

(b) Page range; and

© Annotated pages only.

The Annotations (Text) option ends up in the body of an email. I’m not sure if it is plain text or html. That probably depends on your settings.

I just tried exporting Annotations Summary only to my MBP via Airdrop and it turned up as a .txt file. Here is one example:

Page 3, Highlight (Yellow):
Content: “This had an immediate effect o_n Caroma’s sales. In the year ended 30 June 1982 Caroma has sold 27,304 units. For each of the following four years its sales were in the vici11ity of 13-14,000. In the first of those.four years 3229 Dux Twinlines were sold. In the next three years sales .were between 12,400 and 13,800.”

The reports in LiquidText are much more manageable, but I have always find it much more fiddly to annotate with.


Thanks for that info. That helps me fill out a section on my list of PDF annotation apps I am building as part of my eventual dissertation on how to implement a personal knowledge management system within my specific constraints.

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PDF Expert is more flexible in the colour options for highlighting, but I find it much more cumbersome for bookmarking ang “go to page …”

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For me it failed in the export capabilities for the highlights and annotations. Current top one is Highlights.

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I shall have to look at Highlights again.

It doesn’t look like Highlights.app lets one add in bookmarks.

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I never use bookmarks so I had to go check that out. You are correct, you cannot add bookmarks per se to a document but you can add a simple note anywhere. The 2 pane view that lets you see all your notes and jump to them works as a replacement. I just tried that and it was easy.


Yes. I can see that would work on the iPad to an extent. I often have very long PDFs which I need to reference on my Mac and bookmarks work like a table of contents.

I just tried it on the mac and it works the same. I can see the sidebar of the pages but I can also see all my notes easily. This is a small one, and I just quickly added a few highlights to show that it works.I can click on the note to get to the page.

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