iBooks and Note Taking on iPad

I have a book in iBooks I want to take notes on and highlight with my Pencil. Except that it won’t let me. It doesn’t even support the Pencil (I should add it’s not a normal book, it is picture heavy). If I highlight a passage with my finger there is no option to highlight or take a note. I open a different book and the Pencil works and I can take notes. I looked up the book that is having issues in the store and I don’t see any notes about it not supporting note taking. Is this a thing where not all books support note taking?

It kind of feels like the Pencil is an after though in general in iBooks. I guess a better option would be to to use a slide over type app for notes? Makes me wish I had a big iPad.

It has been a while (many years) since I have used iBooks for anything except casual reading, but my recollection is that highlighting/note taking is not supported for PDF files. Check that your book is an epub, not a PDF. If an epub is not available, you may want to try using a PDF reader app which supports highlighting, etc.

You also state that the book is “picture heavy.” Note that if text is imbedded in an image, that text will not be selectable at all in any app (unless it’s run through OCR). However, that would be a problem with the publisher. Not much you can do about that.

Thanks for the reply.

I bought it from the iBooks store, so it’s only available to use in iBooks. So I while I would assume it is a PDF since the text doesn’t scale like an ePub, I don’t think I can move it out of iBooks can I?

I just opened a PDF in iBooks, and you can’t note take on a PDF and the Pencil acts the same way (as in that it doesn’t really work). So I think in the end, iBooks just isn’t a great choice for what I want to do, but the book is stuck there.