iCloud Accounts solution?

Hey everyone. I have a particularly messy issue having to do with multiple iCloud accounts, and could use some insight.

10 years ago I set up an iTunes account with my Gmail address, and it is the account that I used
for iTunes and App Store purchases. Somewhere along the way, I set up a second account using a me.com address. That is my main account that I use for photos and file backup (Stupid I know). I’m now in the position of wanting to create family accounts, and obviously there is no easy solution for combining accounts.

My question is: does anyone have any advice on the best way to handle this? What would be the best way to take all of my photos and files, and move them from the me.com iTunes account to the Gmail iTunes account? Any other solutions you can think of? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


What about using one of the accounts (say, me.com) as the main account, and adding the other (gmail) as a member of the family?

Yes, that’s also what I was thinking.

You need to keep the account you have bought stuff with as the Main one, as you cant transfer paid fo things to another account (Unless i am mistaken) and then add the other things to this one

My wife and I use an independent appleid for all purchases and just use our individual accounts for mail, calendar, etc. we created an appleid called appleid@ourdomain.com. Allows us to both use apps purchased.

My family setup is similar to @glenthompson’s
We all have a personal icloud account and have a “purchases” account which has a creditcard linked. works very well.

So in your case, why change your setup, just add both to family sharing.

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FWIW mentioning, purchases can’t be shared to IDs in different countries. I tried resolving some weird account issues by sharing access between my Apple ID accounts in hopes of fixing the problem, maybe starting fresh, but alas came to find out I couldn’t share my purchases because I had moved and registered a new account in a different country.

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