iCloud Drive Glitches

I have the 2 TB iCloud Drive plan and I have my Documents and Desktop saved there.

I’ve never had any real data loss issues, but I do often have issues where an upload or download hangs. This evening I was working on a Keynote presentation and I decided I wanted to resume working on my iPad, but 20 minutes later the file has yet to sync to iCloud (yes, I could use Hand Off, but it’s the premise).

I bet if I rebooted my Mac it would begin working again, but in 2022 that seems unreasonable.

Are others experiencing this issue from time to time?

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Same issue but happening with saving Craft changes.

Even if you wanted to use Handoff, I’m guessing it would still use the latest version in iCloud, not the version waiting to upload on your Mac.

I sometimes have issues with files refusing to upload. Usually killing bird process helps. (bird handles at least some iCloud sync.)

Agreed. Handoff would just transfer a little bit of simple information (name of the app, file and the place).