iCloud Drive not syncing correctly

Hi all,

Today, I created and edited a file on my iPad Pro. Then I saved it to iCloud Drive. Over on the Mac, I open the file and continue to work on it. However, the changes are not being synced back to the iPad. Looking at it in Files.app, I see both timestamp and file size is different. Naturally, I want to continue with the most recent version of the file (now sitting on my Mac).

Then I get creative and proceeds to “Move” the file on my iPad to a different folder. Old file is moved. On my Mac, the new file is also moved. On the Mac, I move it back in Finder, but on the iPad, it is still spinning with the message “Waiting to Download” below. Real strange…

I guess I can do a “Save as…” thing, but that is kinda beside the point, isn’t it.

Anyone had similar issues, and found a way to reliably edit files between platforms? In this case, I was working in Affinity Designer.


There seems to be a problem with Affinity Design and iCloud Drive. Many user are having issues with synching with this app. See [here].(https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/61656-affinity-designer-ipad-icloud-storage-icon-issue/&tab=comments#comment-325131)

Ah, I wasn’t aware of this being a common problem.

A simple force-quit of Designer (and all the other cloud storage managers for good measure) fixed the situation. The updated file immediately appeared in the right folder.

This probably needs to be fixed in the Affinity apps.

Thanks Jeff!