Icloud Family Sharing calendar

My family is all in with Apple iCloud family sharing. Our calendar use is restricted to one calendar, the family calendar that Apple sets up when you enable family sharing.

We wanted to be able to get that calendar information into another service, Cozi.com but when I select the family calendar the information button to the right of the family calendar label on ios does not give me the option to create a public link, which Cozi needs.

The public link option is available for my personal calendar.

Does anyone know how to overcome this issue with the automatically shared family calendar?
Thank you.

Are you able to see the sharing settings by right-clicking on it?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Overnight I had a small brainwave. I set up the Apple ID as a new user on my laptop, opened the calendar app, and then I had the sharing option as a public calendar available to me.

The Apple ID that holds family sharing together is an old one that no one uses now thus I didn’t have it set up on a machine. The other Apple ID’s in the family group were the recipients of the shared calendar, not the originator.

I’m sorted now and can see that calendar in Cozi which was the result I needed.

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