iCloud Handoff: Deactivate universal clipboard, keep the rest

Hey everybody,

I’m looking for a way to deactivate universal clipboard between macOS and my other iCloud devices, i.e. my iPhone and iPad.

I don’t remember ever needing that feature, but every so often, it causes hickups because for some crazy reason, macOS thinks I want to copy and paste a 20 GB sparse image from my Mac to my iPhone. Or copying a few cells in Excel (within Parallels/Win10) causes Excel to freeze for a minute while macOS figures out how to send that data to the iPhone (or whatever is going on in the background).

I do, however, want to keep using Handoff for quickly opening Safari web pages from my iPhone or iPad on my Mac. So just turning Handoff off completely is not a good solution for me.

Is there any hidden setting which can be accessed somehow, e.g. via Terminal, to just get rid of that one annoying function within Handoff?

Thanks in advance.