iCloud Keychain vs 1Password or Lastpass

I’m curious about this as well. I’m completely within the Apple ecosystem for personal use (though I have a Dell desktop that I use once in a great while–I only have a MacBook Air for regular computing and sometimes prefer the feel of a desktop), but I sometimes access iCloud.com from work. Based on what I’ve read here, I should be fine with iCloud Keychain. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the capabilities of Keychain. Can it store the same sort of data as 1Password (credit card, banking, etc.)? Although I’ve been an iPhone user since 2009, last fall I bought my MacBook Air and am trying to get familiar with all the Apple ecosystem syncing, as well as just regular use. (I have become an Apple devotee with all the seamless interaction in the ecosystem!)

As far as I know, it doesn’t store all the same information as some of the non-Apple solutions. For anything that can’t be stored in keychain, I use password protected notes.

If your only using iOS devices and Macs why use anything else than keychain and iCloud. Works fine with me.

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I have all my most important passwords and card information in one locked Note and can also access this through iCloud on the web if all my devices were stolen. I prefer this to paying $3-5 a month for a service that doesn’t offer me anything extra (I only use Macs so no need for cross-platform).

I would remote desktop to my Mac server in that circumstance, there are lots of online VNC clients now that run through a web browser. If you didn’t have a server, you’d be screwed though.

Why do you think it’s preferable to store secure documents in 1Password as opposed to just using password protected Apple Notes?

Mischief-makers can delete any password-protected Apple Notes from a Mac or accessible iOS device, even if they can’t get into them (since the app is not itself protected). I like that my notes are protected in 1Password with a password for the app on my Mac, and password/Touch/FaceID on iOS.

And 1Password supports Markdown, Apple Notes doesn’t.

If Notes works for you, that’s great. For me, I use 1Passoword because I also need access to the stuff on the PC at work. Beyond that, there’s some added security knowing that I could get to my passwords and critical documents from anywhere, without needing an Apple device.

That said, I think Keychain keeps getting better and its a tougher case for 1Password etc. if you are only ever on Apple devices.

  1. Password-protected iCloud notes cannot contain PDFs or other types of documents (like a copy of your passport or ID card)
  2. Password-protected iCloud notes cannot be shared with another Apple ID (like your spouse or significant other)
  3. You can’t recover deleted iCloud notes when it happens because of a bug and the note does not end up in the “Recently deleted” folder (it happened to me once with a note I took during a client meeting and it disappeared when copying it from one folder to another).

LastPass is free to use and has most of the features offered by 1Password.

With both LastPass and 1Password, you can:

  1. Directly store PDFs (no need to convert them to images to insert them in a password-protected Apple/iCloud note)
  2. Securely auto-fill passwords and credit card information in apps and with supported web browsers
  3. Securely share credentials with other people if needed (which you can’t do with a password-protected note)

There’s another free option available if you want a Mac-only solution: a password-protected DMG file stored on iCloud Drive or Dropbox. It’s a no-go solution if you need access on an iOS device though.

I have read that keychain on the Mac does not support filling in passwords on Firefox or Chrome. Is that true?

AFAIK on the Mac that is true. You can of course check for yourself!

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I started using keychain 100% and is awesome. I only use Apple products and Safari for all my browsing. Sharing with my wife the password, I can send it via Airdrop and it gets saved directly to her keychain. Maybe is not the seamless as 1Password family plan, but for me is working fine. Loving it since 2019.


Apples keychain for me. Why pay for 1Password or other password managers if you only use Mac OS or iOS devices. :grinning:


Many reasons given above that some individuals think they are worthwhile. But as you see it, for password protection only it not worth it. Another valid way of looking at it.

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Because they do much more than the stock apps. For example, 1Password allows for password-protected notes with attachments up to 5Mb in size. I use it not only to store secure notes, but jpegs of important documents like passport and drivers license, synced across all my devices - very useful, especially when traveling.

Also, 1Password has integrated authenticator for sites with 2-factor-auth. Smooth and trouble-free. When on my Mac (and with 1Pasword unlocked) if I log into PayPal, for instance, I simply Command-backslash and 1Password pastes in my 2FA code without my needing to do anything.

1Pasword also has a ‘Watchtower’ facility that integrates securely (without it knowing your passwords) with Have I Been Pwned, to alert you about any passwords which may have been compromised via security breaches on websites with which you have accounts.

1P also can scan your passwords and alert you to any passwords that were reused by you on multiple sites.

It also can alert you to expiring items (eg passports within 9 months, credit cards and memberships within 2 months, etc).

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Why 1Password? It provides better security than Keychain for 10 cents a day.

Just a question to the group. I have signed up for 1PW but am having difficulties signing in on the Mac. iPhone is fine.

I signed up on the Mac and was very careful with my Master Password (MP) but even straight after I get my email stating the account is ready to go, I sign in to the app and it won’t let me at MP level! I can then go straight to my phone using the same MP - no problem!

I must be missing something blindingly obvious!

Any thoughts?

Have you tried signing into the website? I would verify my password by logging into 1password.com. If that works, contact support. They’re great.

I’ve been using 1password since 2008, but was interrupted while converting to a 1password.com subscription and hosed up the setup. They got me straighten out right away.

Hey Wayne, thanks for responding.

Yes, I can go to 1password.com and sign in. All good. But if I try to sign in on the Mac app using the same password, no dice! Also tried the MP that is listed in the iPhone app, again, nothing!

It may be my mindset, I honestly through there was ONE password… :expressionless: