iCloud Match - Captures My Music - No Download Option With Right Click

Mac Music App:

It used to be that I could select as many matched songs as I want or albums and right click to download them (make available offline).

Now the only option I see is to download each album individually. I can no longer select multiple albums or songs and right click to download them.

Is this true for everyone else? Looks like a trap. Instead of a single click to download selection, there has to be a few hundred clicks to download each album.

Edit: Figured It out.

Apple made it difficult to get your music downloaded. Figured it out:

  1. Create a smart playlist with: Location - not on this computer.

  2. Change View - View as songs

  3. Select all your songs and you will now have a Download option.

I am in the process of downloading my music from Apple. Looking for an Alternative to iCloud match for self hosted music server (NAS) and a Mac player.

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