iCloud no longer syncing with MacOS High Sierra

I can’t seem to add a contact from my Mac (High Sierra v.10.13.6) to my iPhone 11 (iOS 13.1.2), is iCloud no longer compatible with the old Mac OS? If so, that doesn’t make sense to me because my Notes app seems to sync just fine. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Apple has made no changes here AFAIK. I have had iCloud sync be very slow to see new data created on an iOS 13 device, though. Reboot everything and see if it’s better.

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its just frustrating because I’ve added a contact on my Mac that I can’t seem to get onto my iPhone 11. I’ve restarted the Mac and my phone. Thinking of installing Cobook again, thoughts?

A good debugging step is always to check the iCloud website.

If you add a Contact on your mac, and it shows up online but not your phone, then your phone is failing to sync. If it doesn’t even show up online, then your Mac is failing to sync.

Usually a reboot of that one machine will work, but obviously you’ve tried that. It will still help you narrow down which is having the failure.

A next step would be to toggle Contacts syncing off in iCloud settings on that device, reboot, and re-enable it.

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I looked at iCloud and it hasn’t synced the most recent contact added via my iMac. That single contact is the only one I can recall adding recently.

I’ve tried toggling contacts off on my iPhone but not recycling power. I’ll try it again!

Update: I added the contact in question via the iCloud site and it synced with my iPhone 11 right away. Therefore, I think the issue is with my Mac. But I’m not sure how to resolve the problem.

On your Mac, toggle contact syncing off, reboot, toggle on.

If this fails, sign out of iCloud, reboot, sign back in.

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Solved: iCloud wasn’t set as the default account on my iMac.

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